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Meet collective67  ~ Sebastian and Terence.  Both born in Toronto, with Italian heritage.  Terence lived here until the age of eleven, when his family decided to return to their roots, and relocate to Rome. Being raised and educated in Rome, Terence became imbued with the ubiquitous qualities that Italy is renowned for, namely, elegance, sophistication and finesse. In keeping with their Italian background, both Sebastian and Terence are passionate about beauty, form, light, and of course, good food. True to their Canadian roots, they are innovative, conscientious, and industrious.

Both Sebastian and Terence always have been enthralled and curious about the art of capturing all the nuances of light and shadows, Sebastian through cinematography and Terence through photography 

Terence previously worked for the renowned Ales&Ales studio in Cagliari. Ales&Ales are the premiere studio in Italy, with a clientele extending across Europe.  Under their direction and tutelage, his experience level increased exponentially.  He collaborated with this studio for weddings, commercial advertising, fashion, and product photography. He expresses his creativity through many different genres of photography, such as: fashion, still-life, portraits, commercial products, food, but his true love is wedding photography. 

Sebastian has owned and operated his own videography company for more than a decade.  He is always on the leading edge with the technology in his field and has formal education and experience that has allowed him to master the art of cinematography.  He provides videography services to several large corporations and fashion magazines and is also a leader in providing stunning Real Estate Video Tours.  His true passion is capturing the raw emotion of the special moments in life, so that they can be re-lived time and time again, which makes him such a renowned wedding cinematographer.

With their varied experiences, raw talent, technical planning, meticulous attention to detail and strong personal rapport established with the clients, this team is exceptional and has an uncanny ability to capture the emotions that make moments in time eternal.  They are collective67, currently based in the GTA providing Professional Wedding Photography and Cinematography.